memCron 0.1 released

memCron graph
Memory graph generated by memCron

memCron is a memory manager for DreamHost PS, which optimize the memory size to ensure your site scale nicely to accommodate any traffic at any given time. memCron is written in Perl and relies on cron jobs to perform scheduled memory inspections.

Check out the demo!

Features of memCron includes:

  • Automagically adjust memory limit based on previous and current memory usage
  • Improves site’s uptime and saves you money by setting memory limit to where it needs to be under different server loads
  • Generates pretty, customizable memory + cpu usage graphs
  • Simple, one-time installation, no maintenance required
  • Supports different cron job intervals to suit your site needs

Detailed installation instruction can be found here.

To do:

  • Reboot server if CPU load exceeds certain limit for a period of time
  • Integrated cron job management
  • Web admin panel
  • Better time zone support
  • More customizable options on the graph page

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8 thoughts on “memCron 0.1 released”

    1. I haven’t tried the PS manager project you mentioned so I really can’t give any comment about it. As far as I can tell, both project uses different approach when it comes to memory scaling algorithm, so you should give both of them a try and see which solution works better for you.

      With that said, memCron config file comes with many parameters for you to play around with, and as such should provide more room for you to test different settings up. Using memCron, you can either go aggressive and save some hosting cost or you can be conservative and make uptime your highest priority.

      If there’s any feature that you would like memCron to add in the future, feel free to post them here. My primary concern right now is to get the algorithm right so more people can benefit from a reliable, automated server resources manager.

      Thanks for the comment!

  1. I tried dreamhost PS last year but then had to downgrade because I ended up with error 500 too often, and I got tired manually adjusting the PS all the time, does your program avoid those or does the adjustment comes after viewers encounter the errors?

    1. Hi Nestor, memCron prevents internal server errors from showing up if configured correctly. The default settings should work for most sites but some tweaking might be necessary, depending on your site’s load.

      Overall, memCron increases your memory settings before it even come close to running out of memory (and reduces it when idle to save you money). You can pretty much say goodbye to internal server errors once memCron is running smoothly on your PS.

  2. To answer my own quieostn, I’ve just learned from that site stats don’t get transferred (even with the plugin and Jetpack etc.). But I believe you can get a Sitemeter counter and set it to whatever starting level you like so no loss.Here’s a larger issue: why would I migrate if I have no interest in monetizing my blog? (The nature of my blog is such that I think any ads would hurt the message.) The drum being bashed on is that SEO is better there and it’s certainly less fuss. I can think of only one material reason for migrating and that’s cool Java widgets. Have I missed any other reasons? What is the next level if not monetization? (I appreciate this quieostn sort of disqualifies me immediately from being a Tentblogger! Forgive me!)

  3. True I want to move my blog to another host but I am still wiitang because it involves really too much of work It could be technically risky too I see, moving several blogs isn’t easy.Besides your clients wont be happy if you decide to move their blogs, because of an issue you had with Dreamhost right?

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