DreamHost updating their PS memory settings?

You might have noticed it from your own memCron graphs, if not, check the demo out. I believe DreamHost is rolling out a new update that gives extra swap memory to your PS server. This is the reason why you see the jump right after memCron changes your memory setting, signifying more memory is available than what memCron expects.

While memCron might act a little weird because of this change, the good news is if this change is permanent, memCron can operate at a lower margin, and you will be able to save even more money with it! 😉 I will update memCron to adapt to the new memory settings as soon as the memory change is confirmed by DreamHost. I might even release a quick fix at the mean time, once I find the time to do it.

BTW, I also notice you can now create a root user for your PS via DreamHost panel.

19 thoughts on “DreamHost updating their PS memory settings?”

  1. The memory show in Memcron is not sync with the actual size of the server, so it’s not change as it should be. is this the issue or it’s my server problem?

    1. Yes I fixed memCron to account for the increase of swap memory and I’m doing some testing with it. So far there hasn’t been a spike big enough to trigger the memory change so I’m not exactly sure if it is working properly.

      I’ll probably just go ahead and release the patch and get feedback from users who use a lot of memory on their servers.

  2. I can confirm this changes. They seem to add twice the physical memory as swap, with a 900 MB upper limit for swap.

  3. DreamHost hasn’t announced anything about the change to swap memory yet.

    I noticed in the memcron code that there are several places where the swap size is calculated. It might be a good idea to move all of that to one function.

    1. I’ve tried to make the calculation as modular as possible starting from version 0.4. I believe there won’t be much benefit to make it any simpler, you sure you aren’t looking at older code? Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

  4. I currently use memcron for my PS server – ps4815 .

    How can I also use memcron for my PS SQL – psmysql12794?

    How to setup for the PS SQL and PS server at same time in Crton job?

  5. memcron cannot execute/find sendmail

    have checked and Mail::Sendmail module is installed

    noticed that original code was looking for sendmail in /usr/local/bin
    it is in /usr/local/lib

    code does not use Sendmail perl module but is looking for the system function
    e.g., line 288:
    open( MAIL, “/usr/lib/sendmail -t” ) or die “Unable to open sendmail: $!”;
    this dies

    how can this be fixed?

  6. I don’t know how but I landed on your site searching for something. Memcron plugin seems to be a really good plugin. I will try it out. Congrates for winning DreamHost API contest.

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