0.6 [2010.03.22]

  • Added: Various improvements contributed by memCron’s user, Ben and Bret: (thanks guys!)
    • Replaced most external calls with built-ins
    • Removed dependency on Mail::SendMail
    • Replaced LWP (slow and bloated) with system call to curl
    • Get memory sizes from /proc/meminfo
    • Simplified memory collecting
    • Get current size from API rather than OS
    • New options to disable updates, alerts
    • Include target memory and cached memory in csv
    • Better error handling on memory resize
  • Added: New chart formatting options: target memory and cached memory
  • Added: Version info to the graph page footer
  • Changed: Now display http server name instead of actual PS name for extra security
  • Changed: Z-score function is now internal

0.4.1 [2009.08.10]

  • Added: favicon for easier recognition of memCron tab in browser
  • Fixed: Memory calculation due to the 2x increase of swap memory by DreamHost
  • Fixed: Proper max axis value for “Used + Total Memory”

0.4 [2009.06.28]

  • Added: New parameter $max_memory and $min_memory to limit the memory range that memCron should operate within
  • Added: New parameter $mem_threshold to set a memory threshold, which when exceeded, will send out notification to $email
  • Added: 4 new subroutines – round(), get_mem_size(), get_mem_total(), get_mem_target() to simplify the code structure
  • Added: memCron now outputs base and swap memory size, resize details, downsize count to command line
  • Changed: $debug parameter moved from config.cfg to
  • Changed: Tooltip for the resources usage graph is now cuter i.e. in yellow! 🙂
  • Removed: $username parameter from config.cfg, now DreamHost API only needs API key for authentication
  • Fixed: Memory target is now computed more correctly during downsize
  • Fixed: Total memory is now displayed correctly on the resources graph by accounting for max swap memory, which is capped at 450MB

0.3 [2009.05.27]

  • Added: New parameter $downsize_resistance to prevent rapid fluctuations from causing multiple resizes within short period of time
  • Added: Customizable chart formatting (y-axis) for resources usage chart
  • Added: New css folder to hold css stylesheets (no more css snippet in html head)
  • Added: Charset information to http header in PHP
  • Added: Generator meta information to XHTML head section
  • Changed: 0.3 to 0.7 ratio between $mem_mean and $mem_used instead of 0.5 to 0.5 when calculating $mem_free_tolerance
  • Changed: More descriptive error message when log file cannot be opened
  • Changed: Chart title from “Memory Usage” to “Resources Usage”
  • Changed: #memchart width increased from 80% to 93%
  • Fixed: $unix_time and $cpu_load will now be reevaluated until it is defined to ensure data point is always logged
  • Fixed: Memory target calculations now correctly accounts max and swap memory, which is capped at 4000 MB and 450MB respectively
  • Fixed: Tooltip fade in now works better in IE (remove filter to restore ClearType)

0.2 [2009.05.03]

  • Changed: $use_api is changed to $debug, which if set disables all log outputs and API calls
  • Fixed: Account for $num_data in z-score calculation to ensure number of memory changes is minimized to within daily limits

0.1 [2009.04.30]

  • Initial release

DreamHost PS Memory Manager