Is memCron stable enough for my site?

The latest version of memCron is definitely stable enough for production sites. However, there could be some downtime while you experiment with the different configurable options memCron offers. With that said, the default values should work well enough for most sites with moderate loads. If you want to be extra safe, feel free to start with a higher free to used ratio and shrink it down as you go along.

I tried DreamHost PS last year but then had to downgrade because I ended up with error 500 too often, and I got tired manually adjusting the PS all the time. Does your program avoid those or does the adjustment comes after viewers encounter the errors?

memCron prevents internal server errors from showing up if configured correctly. The default settings should work for most sites but some tweaking might be necessary, depending on your site’s load.

Overall, memCron increases your memory settings before it even come close to running out of memory (and reduces it when idle to save you money). You can pretty much say goodbye to internal server errors once memCron is running smoothly on your PS.

I am getting the following error: Can't locate Statistics/Descriptive.pm, Crypt::SSLeay not installed. How do I fix it?
You need to ask DreamHost support to install the missing Perl modules for you. Here’s a list of Perl modules required by memCron:

  • Statistics::Descriptive
  • LWP
  • Crypt::SSLeay (used by LWP for https support)
  • Mail::Sendmail
  • File::Basename

Does memCron support MySQL PS?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for memCron to run on MySQL PS unless DreamHost implements one of the following two features:

  • API to access instantaneous memory usage on MySQL PS
  • Allowing shell users to be created on MySQL PS

So, keep your fingers crossed! 😛

Note: one of the memCron users “Freeman Ng” made a suggestion to add MySQL PS API here, feel free to vote for it!

When will memCron be 1.0 release ready?

Version 1.0 will be released when the integrated cron job and web admin panel features are completed. When will that be? I’m not sure, if the feedback is overwhelming I will try to get it all working asap.

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