If you are upgrading from previous version, just follow step 1 to 3.

  1. Unzip the “memcron” folder you just downloaded
  2. Open “config.cfg” under the “memcron” folder and add in your own API key and name of your PS server
  3. Upload the “memcron” folder to your server (the location of this folder must be accessible via http)
  4. Make sure the “logs” directory is writable (chmod 775 if necessary)
  5. Log into DreamHost panel and go to the Goodies > Cron Jobs
  6. Add a new cron job
  7. Put in “perl <path to script>” (e.g. “perl ~username/”) as command to be run
  8. Set the cron job interval as you see fit (default config value assumes cron interval of 5 minutes, to set this, pick “Custom”, “Selected minute” then Ctrl+click to select 00, 05, 10, 15 etc. till 55)
  9. Make sure the right user is selected (should be the one which you used to upload memcron via FTP, also make sure that user have shell access)
  10. Apply the settings and wait an hour for memCron to collect sufficient amount of memory usage data
  11. Open your browser and try to visit the location where you installed memCron (e.g.
  12. If everything works properly, you should be able to see the pretty memory graph generated by memCron. Congrats!

Take note that memCron comes with .htaccess file to protect your setting files. If you are not using Apache for your web server, you might want to protect these files yourself just so they can’t be accessed directly via http.

DreamHost PS Memory Manager